The S Factory just selected the 16 startups that will be part of the 1st generation

The S Factory

The startups led by women entrepreneurs will receive 10 million pesos (about US$ 15.000) and a 12-month working visa to come to Chile and be part of the first generation of the program.




After the application process of the 1st generation, which took place in June, 16 young startups led by women entrepreneurs have been selected to be part of the community.


In this pilot generation, most of the participants come from Chile (43%). Other countries represented are United States, Argentina, Albania, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Mexico.  And the most represented industry is Healthcare and Biotechnology. Also industries like Finance, Education, Ecommerce, Clean Tech,  among others, are represented.


All of the startups are led and have been founded by women: this is part of the requirements to be selected. The S Factory is part of the few acceleration programs that is only dedicated to women founders.


The companies selected for the 1st generation will start the program on the 7th of September. During the first week, they will be orientated by the team, that takes care of the soft landing process.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must stay in the country for the 3-month length of the program and help in the social impact of entrepreneurship through sharing experiences and knowledge with other startups and outside the program in order to grow the women entrepreneurs network in Chile.


At the end of the pre-acceleration process, they will have the chance to apply to Start-Up Chile – the parent fund – that offers CLP 20 million (~ US $35.000) and then eventually to the follow-on fund SCALE that provides the companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America with CLP 60 million (~ US $100.000).


The S Factory is the third program of Start-Up Chile, the accelerator created by the Chilean government. It aims to emphasize women in entrepreneurship, especially the ones in tech, to fill the gap of gender inequality.


The goal, during the 3-month length of the program, is to build their startups, a network and to participate in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. To do so, the women will be part of the biggest startup community in the world, will be mentored and will participate in workshops covering all the knowledge they will need to run their businesses successfully.


It is the best opportunity for them to participate in the change of the entrepreneurship ecosystem that includes more and more women.


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SimCase SimCase makes online higher-education fun. Millions of college students are now taking a course online, but the problem is that most don’t finish the course. We think this is because students want interactive online experiences that prepare them for the real-world. That is what we deliver at SimCase. Chile
Kimera We are an up and coming company focused on developing biomechanical devices that deliver maximum value for third world and developing countries. Chile
Instrumentl Instrumentl is the fastest and most reliable place to raise research funds. Researchers from all disciplines build crowdfunding campaigns to source donations from individuals. Our corporate partners contribute the final funds necessary to ensure that promising research gets funded. United States
Rehue Is a business expense management solution that streamlines and automates the expense reporting and accounting process. It also provides real-time visibility and control over business spending. More in Chile

We wanted to create a digitalized platform for the unbanked and underbanked to foster saving habits. During initial interviews, we came across already existing group savings practices called natilleras or tandas in South America. Why reinvent the wheel? We would like to digitalize and gamify this existing cultural practice.

United States

Parents, teachers the community and businesses can support the education of our children through this exclusive crowdfunding platform only for education.
EduFunding is a donation platform exclusively for raising funds for educational related projects like;  Science labs, computers, school resources, sports events, cultural and recreational activities, arts and community events.

Deli Delux  

Deli Delux is a mobile and web app offering a premium delivery service from curated local restaurants that traditionally do not offer delivery of any kind. You will be able to access your city’s favourite restaurants and live-track the order in the comfort of your home or office.


We created a way to try products you like instantly, without the need of having them physically, enhancing the user experience and reducing operating cost for companies. 


Fish consumption is highly recommended for healthy nutrition, but overconsumption is not recommended particularly on pregnant and children under five years old, since they contain contaminants and heavy metals. We are developing an natural supply to detox the contaminants present in farmed fish to allow their healthy consumption


DesignDistrict is an online decoration site that will allow architects, designers and people in general to find ideas, decorative objects and all sort of suppliers (architects, carpenters, object designers, etc) sorted by location and rated by users. It will also have designed spaces, and information on designers and trends.


Sali (Save Lives) is an intelligent bracelet that continuously measures your blood pressure without any pain, using IR technology.

Dominican Republic

We are a social auction that assembles artists and leaders with their fans and followers, in a unique opportunity of a private encounter.
Through an online platform, the auction can be made decentralized, gathering the best bidders, donating a 100% of the utilities to a national nonprofit organizations.


We believe that girls have the right to develop all the abilities they are born with. Playing is the way of growing Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related skills. SAM is a toy designed to develop abilities that will empower girls in creating their own future and breaking stereotypes.


AppleDoc is the newest tool under development for assessing chronic disease in both a social and physical aspect. Children with chronic diseases will use AppleDoc to learn about their condition, be able to communicate their symptoms efficiently, interact in society and act in emergency situations. 


Smart heater: heat recycling and without pollution


We believe that the future of travelling evolves into travelling along a story within a crew of like-minded people. Curate a dream holiday and plan the perfect setting for your trip: Connect with inspiring people, propose authentic experiences, stay at awesome places. Provide a wowing plot to attract co-travelers.