The S Factory | Here are the winners of Generation 6

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The S Factory, a program for female founders, will have a new generation of global entrepreneurs.

Each of them will receive 10 million pesos (15,000 USD) and a pre-acceleration process of 4 months to prototype their idea.

Startups from 14 countries will be part of the new generation of women-led startups.  28 projects in idea phase and with less than 6 months of development were chosen to be part of The S Factory.

Each of these entrepreneurs will be awarded 10 million Chilean pesos, a one year working Visa and will be part of a pre-acceleration  process and mentoring to develop their ideas and begin their path to become technological entrepreneurs.

The projects selected are mostly from Chile (36%) followed by India and Brazil (11%) and for the first time we welcome to the program a startup from Malta; THATspace.

The evaluation of the judges was based on the product presented by the applicants, the market to which the startup aims and the team is the correct one to make the business grow. “The 28 selected stood out for the quality of their ideas in concept stage as for their professional quality and their educational backround”, says Patricia Hansen, Director of Acceleration at Start-Up Chile,

The most represented industry this time was Health with 18% of the startups, followed by education and IT with 10.7%.

Entrepreneurs selected for the 6th generation of The S Factory must live in Chile for at least 16 weeks and help develop the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem through social impact (workshops, classes, events in universities related to entrepreneurship). They will also have the opportunity to continue applying for the other programs offered by Start-Up Chile as “Seed”, where they can keep growing their businesses.

Selected Startups for TSF Generation 6

Frieden Electric:  Growing Crops in Metropolis, without soil and natural light. A ray of hope to traditional farmers to optimize their yielding techniques with relatively new technology. An initiative to encourage organic farming.

Citse: Citse is a company focused on solutions for urban planning and construction market. Acting in the development of more sustainable cities. Citse is a tool that monitors the development of works, contributing to the market’s optimization, reducing information gaps and giving a more immersive Project experience in real time.

RUMI KIDS: Rumi Kids is the first kids’ interior design customization platform in South America. It will showcase hundreds of the best textile, print and graphic designer works worldwide and will provide a technology solution to customize and print these designs onto beautiful kids products such as textile and furniture.

imagiCase: imagiCase is a programmable phone case and application created together with and for girls between ages 11-16, and aims to encourage youths in developing an interest in technology. Change the design of your or your friends’ phone case, share and collaborate on projects and express yourself with code.

Scribble Mum:  ScribbleMum is a computer learning program, developed by leading industry veterans, to teach young children not only the logical thinking required to code, but how to also apply creative reasoning and artistic expression through the creation of their own video-game.

salesGet:  salesGet uses Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Communication Science to teach and practice Conversational Sales with users.  Target users are startup founders, business leaders, sales professionals, and interviewees.  English-speakers can monetize sessions by allowing English-learners in Asia and South America to listen to their sessions.

sureTap:  sureTap is a 24/7 real-time water quality sensor right at the tap of end-users. It analyzes water from the distribution network, signals its potability through a built-in LED indicator, and uploads data which can be accessed through its online dashboard.

Crédito Social: Crédito Social provides alternative credit assessment to financial institutions through an online financial education platform for microentrepreneurs in low-income communities. The company calculates credit scores based on business owners’ educational and financial data, ensuring they borrow at properly risk-weighted interest rates and that lenders earn healthy returns for financing microentrepreneurs.

LEV-D:  Biotechnology startup focused on the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients through Synthetic Biology. Currently, we aim to create genetically modified organisms capable of producing Calcitriol, a drug used to treat chronic kidney disease and other illnesses, and which is quite expensive due to current inefficient chemical synthesis methods.

Qué Banco:  “Que Banco” is an informative and comparative portal of banking products, focused on giving information efficiently, so that users do not have to search all the banks’ web pages, and in this way they can compare information and make more informed decisions.

SKIN-UP: SKIN-UP is a bioactive gel rich in liofilized collagen that also has an active component that inhibits the action of bacterial Metalloproteinases responsibles for  the stalled wound healing.

Spectrum Aid: Spectrum Aid is an app for mobile devices aimed at supporting children and young persons with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and their families/teachers, when faced with different emotional situations. It provides four tools that can help persons with ASD manage the anxieties and emotional meltdowns that hinder their social inclusion.

Sound Sleep Napping Pod: New rest acceleration pod that allows users to rest the equivalent of 5 hours in just 20 minutes. A pod  based on applied neuroscience technologies to reduce stress and increase productivity.

The Greatest Me: The Greatest Me is the online health coaching platform that connects great people with great certified health coaches. We want to help people by getting the best version of themselves from anywhere and at any time, with the most connected and strong community of health coaches.

CherryPick: AI-based chatbot supporting companies & candidates in the recruitment process. We are aiming to create recruitment chatbot that would be engaging candidates from the very first contact with a company. We’d like to automate the process for companies, at the same time keep it friendly and personal for applicants.

Udeet: Udeet uses Big Data, psychometrics, predictive analytics, and statistics to provide strategic solutions, improving and innovating industry processes, also we do marketing and sales strategies with assertive data analyzes, thereby increasing production and lowering costs for your company. We have an  Tool to run Big Data functions without programming.

Aidah: An AI powered chat-bot which allows users access diverse e-commerce platforms from a single interface. With the help of Natural Language Processing, Aidah gives personalized responses and suggestions to the user. With Aidah, online merchants can close sales faster and increase customer engagement and sales.

HeroAudit: HeroAudit uses artificial intelligence to digitally manage the entire quality management systems and meet certification requirements along with document and process management for businesses. We remove the “Audit Fatigue” – duplication of processes and reporting in the audit and quality management process.

The Live Green Company: The Live Green Company researches & develops the greenest & safest consumer products for the well-being of our families and our planet, based on traditional Indian wisdom. In today’s fast-paced consumeristic life style, just herbal/organic isn’t enough. We need to Live Green.

Dnarity: Anti-counterfeiting solution for the protection of brands and customers in the fashion, arts and luxury sectors. We place unique identifiers in every product and crowdsource the auditing effort, allowing consumers to check the authenticity of their purchases, as well as information about the brands’ philosophy, history, reviews and promotions.

TruckPooling: Social Network where customers and independent truck owners interact, so that several customers who requiere products dispathce and who are in the same region (or in the way) can organize with one truck or more,

Vizier: Vizier brings data-driven decision making to small ecommerce businesses. Data driven decision making requires skills to ask the right questions and sophisticated data science technology to process data, typically only large companies can afford this. Vizier understands ecommerce business issues and provides practical recommendations using existing data.

Stage Marketplace: Stage Marketplace (SM) its an online platform that connects theatres around the world to commercialize productions already premiered and future co-productions. Stage Marketplace connects producing theatres with those theatres looking to buy or co-produce. Giving easy access to quality and updated information on available production.

THATSpace: THATSpace aims at empowering the mobile workforce by offering mobile work spaces. We transform idle spaces during the day such as hotel lobbies and restaurants into mobile offices at an affordable price.

MAIBOOK: Maibook is a portal of online portfolios of Suppliers related to the heading of Advertising.We want to help facilitate the search process and contact between client-provider.   deliver a search of people or companies according to the needs of each client, post job offers, tenders or projects.

Chicas Poderosas: A digital media training network that aims to bring more women journalists into technology. Main focus is investigative and data journalism, innovation through leadership, entrepreneurship and progressive forms of storytelling and immersive journalism. Chicas Poderosas’ core is its community spread across Latin America matching mentorship with the different community needs.

Preven-tec: Preven-tec, “digital risk prevention”. We can digitalize the entire safety process, mandatory by law in high risk industries. Avid losing important document, and doing more efficient the control of its correct performance.

Taqbit: We at taqbit are committed to providing enhanced security systems in today’s digital world in sectors of aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, Casinos and online gaming , Monte Carlo Simulations, software simulations etc. by making use of the fundamental laws of quantum physics and cryptography.