The press is getting excited, too: the Start-Up Chile Demo Day is almost here


Update #4! The weekend is always an opportunity to have longer conversations about what we care most. That´s why yesterday, La Tercera published a short piece about the Demo Day and today we were covered in a full-page article! Check the written pieces HERE and HERE.

Update #3! Estrategia is joining the conversation, while in Spain some are saying what they need to fix the economy is something just like Start-Up Chile. We agree!

Update #2! La Tercera interviewed Hernán Kazah about his story and how he thinks the Demo Day can impact the local ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Check it out!

Update #1! El Confidencial is talking about us today, May 15th, and they posted the Demo Day trailer we worked so hard on. Happy dance, everyone!

The Start-Up Chile Demo Day, the first event of its kind ever done in Chile, is just 9 days away. Suppers have been making so much noise online about it, the media is beginning to pay attention. We are receiving many media inquiries asking Horacio Melo to tell them more about what´s about to happen. So far, the Start-Up Chile Demo Day has been commented on Revista Poder y Negocios, La Segunda, and Diario Financiero. Folks at Diario Financiero are putting some pressure! Their story published today is titled “Start-Up Chile seeks to raise USD$5 million on investments at the first Demo Day in the country”.

Let´s go for it!