Suppers at TNW Chile Startup Awards!


Were you following The Next Web´s nominations for Chile Startup Awards? We certainly were, and there were some pretty nice surprises yesterday night. Patrick de Laive, TNW´s cofounder traveled to Santiago to host the ceremony at Club Zen in Providencia. We all had a blast, just so you know!

Suppers did pretty well! The Best Web App went to and Best Design went to Studio Pangea (new suppers rockin´it already!) . Then, Start-Up Chile got awarded as Best Investor, which is kinda weird because we absolutely, 100% LOVE that you love us 😉 but at the same time what we actually want is to be able to see dozens of Chilean investors competing for an award like this one. We won´t sleep until that happens! Thanks to all who voted, this only means we need to keep motivating investors to attend our Demo Day in August! 

Last but not least, the Startup of the Year award went to Agent Piggy  and their outstanding work to help parents educate kids about finance.

You rock!

*Read a great Storify about the event from Anna Hein HERE*