“The lure of Chilecon Valley”: Start-Up Chile is on The Economist


Martin Giles, The Economist´s reporter in Silicon Valley, visited Santiago to attend Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day in August. Today, we are happy to announce The Economist is publishing about Start-Up Chile and what it means for global entrepreneurship.

The article has quite a few interesting punch lines, most of them about how Chile is investing on people and talent, learning from other´s mistakes: “Many countries have sought to create their own versions of Silicon Valley. Nearly all have failed. Yet Chile’s attempt is interesting because it exploits the original Silicon Valley’s weak spot—America’s awful immigration system. When the home of free enterprise turns away entrepreneurs, Chile welcomes them.

The article states Start-Up Chile “has undoubtedly been a success” when it comes to raise Chile’s profile abroad as a hub for enterprise, and speaks about how “Chileans who have been backed by Start-Up Chile say they have benefited from rubbing shoulders with foreign peers.” It also speaks about the challenges ahead, pointing at Chile´s venture capitalists and Chile’s harsh bankruptcy regime as things that need some improvement to keep this ecosystem growing.

Suppers behind Kwelia, Chefsurfing, Kedzoh, Chu Shu, Wallwisher, IguanaBee, TOHL, Motion Displays and CruiseWise are mentioned in the article, providing details on their very different stages of development. We are just SO PROUD that they get to be mentioned in such an important media outlet.

And this is not all: we also got featured by Richard Quest on Business Traveller, where even President Sebastián Piñera speaks about Start-Up Chile! Forbes and ABC News also joined the conversation about Start-Up Chile this week!

Kuddos to all the Start-Up Chile family for all the hard work: work hard, stay humble!

*Pic illustrating this post belongs to The Economist!