The fight with the imaginary “no”-s.


By Miina Sikk, CO-founder at SportID 


For the last month, me (Miina) and Kristi have been fighting with a lot of “no”-s. When we came to Chile, we had no idea what’s going on anywhere, where to get relevant contacts, etc. We thought that, hey, 6 months is sufficient time for finding that all out, plus having the time to use that information for the business. But guess what – it’s not! So, we decided that we want to do something that would make the contacts more accessible – the Meet In Chile (MIC) events.

So, our plan was – bring together the business side with the start-up side in an informal environment to make it fun to connect!

#Invite 2 well-known entrepreneurs to the event, who would interview each other on the stage;

#One entrepreneur would preferably have years and years of experience, the other would be from start-up side – the two sides together, just like the event audience!

#No business talk on stage! Instead – see how the two personalities connect and what’s behind their success!

#Find a venue that’s in suitable location for business representatives, but at the same time not too formal

#Create a video of the event and interviews, to publish it internationally

#Contact different organizations for making connections

Okay. All of this is great. But! There was one condition – all of this needed to be done (almost) without any money!!! (Not because we’re tight-fisted or don’t want to give money away, of course we do, everybody wants to give money away, that’s why we didn’t have any by that time!)

We put together a list of people we’d like to meet and discuss our event. One of them was for example the director of the ProChile Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And then – the well-known entrepreneur and investor Ivan Vera. Then, some more, well-known and successful entrepreneurs – David Assael, Nicolas Shea. Different organizations – Asech, Icare. The list was long!

So, our first thought was – okay, who is going to want to give us anything – two random people, contacting via email, strange names, Spanish full of errors, wanting some weird stuff with no previous related events to show. Most of the people probably aren’t going to answer, or they are going to say a polite “no”. But well, after a very fast probability calculation, it came out that – not contacting at all has even less probability to succeed!

What actually came out was that – 95% of the people answered!!! And many of them wanted to meet us, and were very happy to help us!

Meaning that – The Green Club – an inner golf club, was glad to let us hold the event there with possibility to play golf! Panoptiko, a producing company, agreed to come and film everything, plus put a great video together for sharing! Ivan Vera and Thomas Kimber were at once willing to be part of the experimental interview (plus the next events are already booked for the next speakers!). Uber taxi app gave us a special offer for people getting to the event!

All the imaginary “no”-s we had! It came out that what we actually had to do was to go, ask, and do. That was it! Although we probably annoyed some people too much. For example, I sent about 15 emails in one week to Seba from Google Chile, sorry for that! And since we had to change the date of the event, Ivan Vera received about the same amount of emails from Kristi one week!

So, conclusion – most of the answers “no” we had, we created ourselves. And it came out (surprise, surprise) that things are much more likely to happen if you don’t just think about doing these, but actually do, despite of the seemingly very likely “no”!!! (Of course, just going around and asking stuff from people isn’t sufficient – they help you but don’t work for you. That, you have do yourself!)

Tons of “thank you”-s to everyone who helped us!

We hope to see you all in the first event, 25/03, next Tuesday at 7pm!