Meetup! The Challenges of startups 50% offline and 50% online in the Valley


Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Join us in tomorrow´s meetup at Hardware Space! One of Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, Manuela Arnedo, will share the story of Trendsetters. This startup that was born on April 2011 in Silicon Valley. Come and listen to Manuela’s experience in creating a global company in Silicon Valley in less than a month.

Crazy, right? For sure Manuela has lots of great info to share with us. Don´t miss the opportunity to ask her questions.

The event will be held on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, at 7:30 PM at Hardware Space (Avenida Italia 850, Ñuñoa, Santiago)

See you there! More details about the meetup are listed HERE

About Trendsetter

Trendsetter, which has in its Board of Director, recognized entrepreneurs as Wenceslao Caceres, understood what people wanted. They analyzed costumers clusters of massive consume and retail, to sell online in LATAM.