The #1 Reason to Apply to Start-Up Chile


Start-Up Chile doesn´t really need a PR person. There is no one better than Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs to tell you how amazing the Start-Up Chile experience can be. So let´s just pass on the mic to Claire Pelletreau, talented supper behind Ombushop, who blogged a few days ago about her #1 reason to apply to Start-Up Chile.


“So…what did you think of Start-Up Chile?”

When you’ve been through it, the answer is easy. It’s a great opportunity. Investment with few strings attached, and no equity taken? It’s hard to find a better deal throughout the world, and impossible to find anything else comparable in Latin America.

Ask most participants two or three months in, however, and you’ll get a different answer. Watching your savings dwindle while you wait for the reimbursement process to approve your expenses and give you back your money would work on anyone’s nerves.

What’s the best part of the program then? I’m sure that 99% of the participants over 2 years would tell you the same thing:

The fellow entrepreneurs all around you.

Some might be your competitors. Others are breaking their backs on projects that couldn’t be more different from yours. But regardless of background, language, or passport, you learn more from the fellow entrepreneurs at CMI than from your co-founder, team, or any higher education courses.

For example:

Those are just a few of the topics dissected in “tribe meetings” where  veritable experts in their fields share their experiences and answer your startup-specific questions. Add to that a private Facebook group were ideas, tips and knowledge sharing bounce around a mile a minute, and you can’t help but learn something valuable every day.

You do have to invest a lot in order to move your life to Santiago. You spend time on tramites (the Spanish word for “bureacratic errands” that is so unique to the region that there’s no translation). You toil over reimbursement forms only to have some expenses rejected. You invest about 10K of your own money (that you hopefully get back) to get to and set up life in Chile before you see a single Chilean peso from Start-Up Chile.

But you see an impressive ROI when you and your small team do amazing things in your startup thanks to a couple Facebook posts or a 45 minute roundtable discussion.

So is Start-Up Chile worth the time, the move, and the initial investment? Absolutely. Applications for Round 7 open on March 11th, so start getting your startup’s story ready for the judges!