That noise? Start-Up Chile taking the press over by storm


So much going on this week! Just to get started, Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day is going to San Francisco and Pulso Social is talking about it. On April 3rd, 15 awesome startups will star on stage on the second Demo Day we have ever taken to California.

El Mercurio kind of went crazy writing about many suppers. Among them, Worksurfers,  Safer Taxi, PostedIn, and Minka. Its great to see Chilean press catching up with the great things that are being created in the country. FunPuntos got featured by El Mostrador! Read about their disruptive way to help brands award their costumers, here. Fantastic also explores ways to help brands offer great deals to their costumers. The idea behind this project seeks to match brands with web communities of folks particularly interested in what those brands can offer. Read more about them, in Emol.

Santiago Hackathon is almost here! Pulso Social is sharing the details, you must be there!

On Thursday, April 4th, SUPBoat visits Joao Pessoa, Brazil! Stop by, meet Erisvaldo from Yupi Studios and then apply to Start-Up Chile! Pequena Empresas & Grandes Negócios is sharing the details.

Edoome got featured by Diario Financiero, and you can read about it, here.  KienVe´s Gabriel Roizner got interviewed by Pulso Social about the startup´s great success at the #PS10 competition.

These are Camila Carreño´s fav startups from Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day. Follow her writing at Pulso Social!

Pic by leww_pics on Flickr (cc)