Tech Evening | Platform that promotes seniors’ expert teaching is awarded first place in pitch competition


Like every month, Start-Up Chile held its monthly pitch event, where the 10 best ventures of the Wellness & Lifestyle industry presented their businesses in front of judges and guests related to the field. The winner received a giftcard from Transbank and the recognition of “Bull of the month” by Viña Requingua.



Ileana Jaime, Co Founder of Sabius and Matías Fontecilla from Transbank

In the fifth Tech Evening of 2017, 10 startups from the Chilean ecosystem, exposed their business about wellness, sports and Lifestyle.

Based on its business model, impact and scalability, the company that ranked first in this opportunity was Sabius presented by Mexican Ileana Jaime, who devised an educational platform that connects seniors with people who want to learn from them, through face-to-face experiences. The platform has more than 1,100 teachers/seniors interested in teaching and was launched in Chile during July.

The founder of Sabius was awarded a Gift Card from Transbank of around 500 dolars and gifts of the Toro de Piedra wine and Banco BCI. In addition,

Rui Barbosa Jr. Founder of Sportty and Francisco Valenzuela from Microsoft

Ileana Jaime was highlighted as “Bull of the Month”, award to the most outstanding entrepreneur of the day by Viña Requingua.

The second place was for Sportty, platform of broadcasting of sporting events, that offers live match streaming, real-time statistics and live chat. With Sportty, amateur athletes, leagues and federations can transmit their matches in a professional way.

The third place was for Hello Wine, the renowned wine club where through a monthly subscription customers receive 4 wines in a half bottle (375 cc) for only $ 10,990 (18 dollars) per month. In this way HelloWine functions as a bridge between the vineyards and the public.

Felipe Ibáñez, Co Founder of Hello Wine and Paula González, Head of Innovation at the Minister of Economy

The second and third place also won prizes from Transbank, Banco BCI and Viña Requingua.

This time the jury was composed of Claudia Goycolea, Social Networking Manager of Banco BCI, Paula González, Chief Innovation Division of the Ministry of Economy, Matías Fontecilla, in charge of StartUps and Entrepreneurship at Transbank, Francisco Valenzuela, Audience Evangelist at Microsoft.

The Tech Evenings are monthly events with different themes where 10 startups present. With this, Start-Up Chile seeks to highlight the visibility of high-impact startups in front of large companies, so that solutions to their corporate problems come from the entrepreneurial world.

The event also culminated with a cocktail and networking thanks to Banco BCI and was broadcasted live via Streaming thanks to the support of Microsoft.

In August, Tech Evening will invite startups from Health and Biotech, where entrepreneurs will showcase their businesses and technological solutions for the industry. In addition, the event will take place in the Start-Up Chile’s new co working space located at Calle Monjitas and can be seen live on August 24th starting at 5:30 pm at and on Start-Up Chile’s Facebook Fan Page.