Teasing us: great stories make it impossible not to become an entrepreneur!


How not to become an entrepreneur when reading so much about the great things they do?! Entrepreneurship is contagious and the suppers’ stories in the press make it impossible not to get the virus!

Start-Up Chile announced the 100 startups that will join our 7th generation! Pulso Social, La Nación, Startup Buzz and Next Big What are publishing about it! Our friends at Wayra Chile are sharing as well.

Vivek Wadhwa published on The Washington Post about immigration, talent, and public policies. Vivek helped design Start-Up Chile and sure has a lot to say on immigration policies + startups. Read his piece, here!

Supper Derk Norde gave talks in Arica, and his inspirational speech got featured on the local press!

Algramo is one of the startups recently accepted to Start-Up Chile’s 7th round. Meet them on their feature at The World!

Sinimanes joines NXTP Labs and talks about it with Pulso Social!

ThinkerThing won´t stop making everyone go WOW! The press already began to discover how this team helps you print objects with your mind: FOX run a great story about ThinkerThing and so did Venture Beat, Neurogadget.com, 3Dprinting.com, 3DWebzine, Zeenews in India, Seetio.com, 3ders.org, and so, so many blogs!

Picovico got featured on a great article by PandoDaily. The piece touches on what to do when you find out that what you thought was a groundbreaking product has been around for a few years and you failed to notice. Definitely something we all can learn from!

Start-Up Chile is featured on The Financial Times! Peter Vanham wrote about the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chile: “From street vendors to global tech: the rise of Chilecon Valley” (Why do people keep calling us like that?!). Read the piece, here!

Let’s Jock! got featured by El Mercurio! It’ll be easier for Chilean and South American athletes to get in touch with trainers and brands! Read the piece, here

123listo.com gets attention from Emol! For those in Chile needing a gardener, painter or teacher, this is the best place to go!

NeuroGadget.com published about ThinkerThing and their success at printing 3D objects with people’s minds! This team is literally creating objects with people’s minds and helping Chilean kids realize their dreams. Read about this revolutionary team, here! and here!

ActiBva interviewed Sebastián Vidal, our Assistant Director. Read Seba’s thoughts on the Start-Up Chile mission, here!