Talk of the town: who is talking about suppers in the press?

Blog, is featured at Nació Finding an apartment will be easier now for international students thanks to this awesome team of suppers. Read about it HERE (August 7th)

Pulso Social featured suppers at Latinda, the store for apps targeting LatAm. You can read about what are they up to now HERE (August 9th)

Friends from I love Chile (what a name! how could anyone not like them?) visited CMI on Wednesday in order to attend the first “Reverse Pitch” meetup, where investors are the pitching to startups (h*ll, yeah!). You can read their detailed piece on the event, HERE (August 10th)

Bored? Planning for the weekend? Then on your IPhone is what you need. It´s finally here now and El Dínamo is talking about it HERE (August 9th)

Carlos Solorio, the brilliant mind behind Arden Reed, published on Forbes an article titled “Four Secrets To A Moneymaking Kickstarter Campaign,” based on his experience with crowdfunding. He and his team raised 5 times what they had asked for, so you might want to listen! Read Carlo´s awesome piece HERE (August 8th)

Folks at SocialMeter won the “Best Web Application” award at The Next Web Chile Startup Awards LATAM 2012 (remember?) and Emol published about it over the weekend (August 4th)

Chris Campbell, supper behind  Review Trackers, published an interesting piece titled “5 startup lessons from call me maybe” and the post is definitely worth reading for those needing a little bit of inspiration to get the week started. You can find it HERE (July 23rd)