Talk of the Town: suppers in this week´s press


Oh, snap! Piccsy is featured at TechCrunch under the really sexy headline of “Death to Powerpoint!.” Friends at TechCrunch were “pleasanty surprised” at Piccsy´s Pitch Deck, whcih doesn´t surprise us at all since we know what a great, creative team is behind Piccsy. “We began with a problem (how to get investors to see our deck) and came up with a solution (create something unique, beautiful, informative, and easy to share), as opposed to going with the status quo,” said Daniel Eckler, Piccsy´s CEO, to reporters at TechCruch, who go on detailing how much sense made to them that someone should come up with an alternative to Powerpoint. Kuddos, Piccsy team! You can read the piece HERE (May, 28th)

Start-Up Chile seeks to attract great entrepreneurs no matter what their passports say in order to build an impressive innovation hub in Chile. If you read this blog frequently, you probably knew that already. What you might be missing in what a huge stance on immigration policies is implied in that message: we strongly believe that diversity is the oven for great ideas.

And folks abroad are noticing that. Take a look at The Economist´s article “Visas for entrepreneurs: let the job-creators in”, where all the “Startups Act” is discussed. They forgot to mention our name (ooops?) but they are clearly talking about Start-Up Chile when they say “Chile vets business plans and gives the best ones $40,000 without taking any equity in return.” Truth to be told, we don´t need any applause: we just really, really wish more countries realize that talent has no hymn, no flags! got featured by our friends at FayerWayer. Read the piece HERE! (June, 8th)

Edmond, who launched yestarday to help out Chileans manage their finances in a better way, got featured by El Mercurio. “The idea is to create a community of people interested in keeping their finances under control”. Read the whole piece HERE. (June 8th)

Those about to get here are already making noise. Folks at AdviceMe Tech will leave Uruguay in a couple weeks and join a new round of suppers from those accepted on Round 4th. They are already featured by Uruguayan press. Read the piece HERE! (June 4TH)

Congrats to Vulevú! For being featured as “the guide discovering the French charm of Santiago” on La Tercera. Anne-Sophie Dutat has the opportunity to connect with a wide audience and let them know of the many places in Santiago that are worth their time. Places that, as she says, “are not necessarily luxurious, but they change your day.That´s the idea behind Vulevú.” Read the piece HERE (June, 1st)

Aentrópico is one of those really energized startups that are not even here in Chile yet, but are already making noise. The Colombian team got published on Pulso Social, where their acceptance to Start-Up Chile was commented. Read the piece HERE (june, 1st)

Huge shout outs here, because The Social Radio got featured by BBC! Let´s hope that helps tons of friends avoid tweeting while driving thanks to this great app. Watch the video HERE (June, 1st) launched and got featured on El Mercurio. Congrats many times! It´s for sure they´ll do great thing in order to improve teaching. Read the piece HERE (June, 4th)

Friends form Uruguay visited Chile during Demo Day and are now super excited to help us spread the word about the program over there. The #SUPBoat will be visiting Uruguay, we hope to have many applicants from those lands on our next round! Read the piece HERE (June 3rd)

Also, the first Start-Up Chile Demo Battle got some attention.  Canal I and AndesBeat spent some ink paying attention to the Demo Battles, which went great BTW! We´ll post pics soon.