Talk of the town: are Suppers press material this week?


Diario La Segunda interviewed Horacio Melo about the new awesome activities and resources that Start-Up Chile is putting together for you. Read about them HERE, suppers, the #SUPExperience is getting better and better (July 24th) got featured in Pulso Social. The piece highlights the story behind, with Jeff and Michael Thelen noticing how in LatinAmerica there was a shortage of information for those who wanted to take their finances seriously. Now they produce the independent content people need to make good choices. Read the piece HERE (July 24th)

Fernando Rojas with Pewen Collector got featured at LUN, where he shares how interesting it was to build a game using the Mapuche language. Read it HERE (July 23rd).

After launching their brand at Hotel W, “Voz” is making again headlines in Santiago. Revista Mujer featured them on their latest publication and you can read it HERE (July 22nd).

“ComparTevé wants to change how to watch TV and has high expectations regarding SouthAmerica” titled El Diario de InfoNegocios to talk about this Uruguayan startup.

Keep them coming!