SXSW, Demo Day, application process are coming: Start-Up Chile news are quite juicy!


There is so much to share at Start-Up Chile! Our application process is about to start, SUPBoat will start its journey soon, and we are going to SXSW! Hear more about that last one from Caro Rossi, Start-Up Chile´s awesome Alliances Director. She is blogging at FayerWayer (Spanish) and sharing details about what are we up to while in Austin. Since its not her first time at SXSW (how lucky!) she is sharing tips for all those following the festival either joining it, or just following online. Caro will share plenty of tips during the meetup we are hosting this week. 

Juan Manuel Lucero, founder at Qonf, is writing at FayerWayer about the journey that lead him to get selected for SXSW VC. Read him here! (Spanish)

Poderopedia is nominated for The Social Revolution SXSWi. As explained on their website, this is “a digital latino award created by a Austin agency to celebrate innovation in several online areas during South By SouthWest Interactive“. Vote for them HERE.

KienVe gets some press love from Anna Heim at The Next Web! Kuddos for an awesome launch in Chile, with thousands of downloads just hours after the launch!

Enrique Fernández and Nathan Lustig made it to Terra and El Nortero with their class about entrepreneurship. They are teaching both in Antofagasta and Santiago everything they wished someone had told them before starting on their own. is getting some tv time! Make sure to follow the series.

Peruvian startup Veronica just got to Chile and is already getting great press! The team got covered by the press at home, whose writers highlighted the startup´s involvement with Start-Up Chile.

El Mercurio (Spanish) published about accelerators and how do Chilean startups perform regarding them. Horacio talked to the writer about what is needed to be accepted by an instance like that, and how can Chilean startups benefit from that opportunity. Read the piece, HERE.

Leanbirds got featured at Pulso Social. The piece speaks about pivoting and becoming an “innovation factory” and it goes deep about the obstacles LatAm entrepreneurs face, and how that shapes a personality. Read about it, HERE. 

Suppers at IguanaBee, EPig Games, and  OoniGames got featured by Diario Financiero in a long piece about the state of the industry of game developing in Chile. Kuddos!

Pic by  prolix6x on Flickr.