Sweat it, eat it, embrace it, make it yours: entrepreneurship gets trendy in the media!


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, also known as GEM, is celebrating 10 years in Chile and publishing a new report with great stats about Chile: “A total 23.4% of Chileans between the ages of 18 and 64 reports having starting a new business, a figure that triples the average rate of other OCDE countries” reports Pulso Social.

Start-Up Chile got featured in Polish press!

John Danner visited Chile and saw great things at IncubaUC and Start-Up Chile. He talked to El Mercurio about it, read more here! 

Global Connection is a Corfo program designed for Chilean founders and Chilean startups that are ready to go global. You can apply until April 30th! Details can be found online!

JoldIt got featured at Publimetro! Stop stressing about finding a parking spot! Read more, here.

Crowdfunding is becoming a trend in Chile and the local press is getting interested. Diario Financiero published a detailed review of what crowdfunding is, and Sebastián Vidal gave context about it. Crowdfunding is not just about the money, but about market validation instead, as Seba explained HERE. Suppers behind TOHL and Arden Reed are mentioned in the piece as well!

Luqit.com got featured at Diario Financiero as well! If you have a small business and need the world to know about it, Luqit is what you need, check it out!


Pic by  st bernard on Flickr (cc)