Suppers rockin´ the press!


Nicolás Shea, Start-Up Chile´s founder, spoke about this program at The World Entrepreneurship Forum. Visit their site to read what Nico wrote about the program, or watch the video below!

Nico also talked to América Economía about the program, you can read that piece HERE.

Start-Up Chile got featured by Live Mint in India. The piece sheds a light on how Chile is appreciating Indian talent and what could India do to provide its people the best opportunities. Read about it, here. 

Sinbad Travel got featured at Hoy x Hoy, congrats to this Chilean team!

Mark Maples, from Arden Reed, is writing about design!

Jeff Thelen, brilliant mind behind Edmond, is blogging at The Huffington post about career opportunities -entrepreneurial opportunities- here in Latin America. Check it out.

Chris Campbell, from Review Trackers, gave such a great interview at Idea Mensch. You should definitely check it out. 

CNN Mexico published about Start-Up Chile. We really hope more and more countries decide to help their entrepreneurs and whoever else wants to join their talented nationals! Read the piece, here. 

February 14th is not as far away as it looks like, and the team at Meetapp knows it very well! Their service helps you find that prince charming/ damsel in distress you have been looking for since such a long time. Get it done in 30 seconds, try Meetapp! Read more about them, here. 

Pic by  leww_pics in Flickr (cc)