Suppers on the press this week…and Wozniak joined the conversation!


Just before our application process was over, Hanna from got in touch with us to discuss application details in Spanish! it was great to have the opportunity to share info and help folks not to get too anxious about their applications! You can listen to the piece HERE (July 9th)

As you probably heard, the deadline to apply to Start-Up Chile is set up for July 10th. Folks keep publishing about it, which we appreciate because we want as many applicants as possible! Suppers have been writing about their experiences so others consider applying to the program. We really enjoy reading what they have to say: there´s no one better than a supper to help you learn more about the program. Also, reading them allows the SUP team to see what is being done properly and what should be handled better. Antti Virolainen of Sharetribe wrote about how and why to apply to Start-Up Chile HERE at (July 1st).

Beatriz Cardona, from Tripku, also spent some time writing about Start-Up Chile for all the gals that might be thinking of applying. Her blog post at Ellas 2.0 goes through “9 reasons to apply to Start-Up Chile” and you can learn more about them HERE (July 9th)

Friends from Arica, at the very north of Chile, are publishing about the program letting more entrepreneurs learn how to apply. You can read press from Arica about Start-Up Chile at Diario El Morro and at (Both published on July 9th)

Educamericas wants to join the conversation about how to help startups grow. They wrote an interesting piece in Spanish titled “What does a startup need to move forward?” and you can read about it HERE (July 9th)

From Russia to Chile: Olga Marchevskaya and Alexey Sudachen, from, got featured by Emol. The piece highlighted how is helping users find new ways to pay online for games. Read more about it, HERE (July, 7th)

Steve Wozniak visited Santiago and Start-Up Chile met with him. After learning more about our entrepreneurs, their projects, and the program itself, he fell in love with the Start-Up Chile family. He was the speaker at one of the most important tech conferences in Santiago, and he let everyone know how he thinks Chile is making a difference with this program. A great difference. Read about it at El Mercurio (July 6th), Emol (July 5th), and at Estrategia (July 6th). Peruvian press also mentioned this inspiring opportunity, since the entrepreneurs behind are the ones who made this possible. Read about it HERE (July 4th) Wozniak was very generous with his time and did whatever the entrepreneurs asked him to. Just look here!

We had some not-so-nice blogging knocking at the door last week, and it is great to see that the SUP community feels that ” benefits of the program outweigh the drawbacks,” as suppers told reporters from The Santiago Times. (June 29th) was mentioned at! Congrats! Reporter Eric Sherman talked about this startup as “a brilliant idea”, as they “use crowd sourcing to match articles online that present one point of view with others that take a different opinion or offer facts to challenge the original articles.” All of us should be using this! read the piece HERE (June 27th)

Folks behind Escapes with You and Biometry Cloud got some TV time last weekend! They were interviewed by TVN, where Corfo´s Vicepresident explained to viewers what is Start-Up Chile all about. Watch it below!