Suppers in the press!


Hans Pieringer, from Phage Technologies, is rocking CNN Chile! watch below!


The Santiago Times interviewed Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director, to learn more about our partnership with Common Pitch Chile. Horacio commented on how “The value they add is huge. They attract talent and it will definitely cascade down to the local startups.” Can´t wait for this event to take place, and for our Demo Day to be part of it!

We got featured at CNN International--again! This time, the whole piece is about Start-Up Chile and suppers Mariano Kostelec and John Njoku get to share their experience!

Start-Up Chile being featured at The Economist made quite a buzz here in Chile. Local media is catching up! Folks at CNN Chile visited our offices and interviewed Horacio Melo, SUP´s Executive Director, and Cristóbal Undurraga, Corfo´s Director for the entrepreneurship office. Watch the piece at the end of this blog post! (in Spanish)

Terra got in touch and interviewed Horacio about Start-Up Chile and the feature about The Economist. We hope many Chileans decide to become entrepreneurs after all this buzz!

El Mercurio published a translation of the piece at The Economist. Great to know those who feel more comfortable in Spa. than Eng. can have now a great alternative. Read it HERE

“Attracting bright minds while developing home-grown talent sounds like a winning combination,” says SmartPlanet commenting The Economist´s piece about us!

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera got featured at CNN International based on his conversations with Richard Quest. The President explains how Start-Up Chile is one of the many ideas he has to end poverty and turn Chile into a developed country. El Mostrador also joined the conversation, and some folks wrote to Chile´s most prominent newspaper about the Economist´s feature.

Ben Cohen, one of the brilliant minds behind TOHL, is speaking about Start-Up Chile at Killer Startups!

An article at Slate magazine correctly identifies Chile as one of the next “Silicon Valleys out there” and.. oh, wait: we actually don´t want to be one of the next “Silicon Valleys out there.” We want to be a more collaborative version, a more diverse version, a more disruptive version and we are convinced we have the energy to make it happen!

*Pic illustrating this blog post came from  web4camguy, on Flickr (cc)