Suppers in the news! What are they up to?


Las Últimas Noticias wrote about Natalie Fouillioux and her startup “Tu Clóset, Mi Clóset,” part of the 4th generation of Start-Up Chile participants. Natalie´s project allows people to exchange clothes using a really great system via web where you “monetize” your clothes using buttons to show what´s their value. Twice a month, Natalie organizes events where you can directly meet with tons of girls and change your clothes for new ones. Champagne is on the house! Read the piece titled “How to get a new wardrobe without spending a single “peso” HERE (August 3rd)

Cálculo TV and Sociedad Uruguaya published about ComparTeVe and their launch in Uruguay. Uruguayans can now measure audiences and give their opinions about TV shows in a completely new way. Kuddos!

We are kicking off the week with Emol writing about, a project meant to let you rent cars per hour in Chile. FINALLY! Santiago was needing this for such a long time! Read what Germán Rimoldi has to say HERE (July 29th)

One of the most influential magazines in Chile, Revista Qué Pasa, published about Start-Up Chile being a case study at Harvard. This is not news for suppers since it happened in May, but its great for us that all Chileans get to hear more about this. You can read about it HERE ( July 17th)

Pic by NS Newsflash on Flickr (cc)