Suppers get some press love!


Rumor has it and its true: Start-Up Chile is featured at The Economist! and also by Richard Quest on Business Traveller on CNN International! Watch the awesome video piece below!


On October 8th, Start-Up Chile closed its application process for the next generation of suppers! We got 1421 applications coming from 60 countries, and this made some pretty headlines at Forbes and ABCNews.

You can read about Start-Up Chile in Russian! Irina Telitsyna is writing about the suppers behind Student Loan Hero on the Russian version of Forbes. Kuddos! You can read the article HERE. 

Start-Up Chile got featured at Forbes! Ricardo Geromel, from Forbes, wrote that what he likes the most about Start-Up Chile is that “the government focuses on the real game-changers, entrepreneurs.” Yes, that´s exactly what we love: TALENT. PASSION. A Do-It-Yourself ATTITUDE. And you are invited to join the entrepreneurial revolution applying to Start-Up Chile before Monday!

UniPlaces and Babelverse got selected as part of the top 50 startups in Europe to pitch at the European Pioneers Festival. The event will take place in Vienna, Austria by the end of October. Congrats, suppers! Represent!

UrbanKit got featured at Emol! Crowdfunding is here to help innovators in the city!

Pic from  mk3_3 on Flickr (cc)