Suppers everywhere: what has been said about you in the press?


We began the week with quite a bunch of media appearances. Start-Up Chile was commented by Francis Pisani at El País, where SUP´s support for globally-minded entrepreneurs is highlighted: “¿Going local, regional, global? The first option is the easiest one, but going global is more promising. In this new world we are living at, nothing is impossible. Everyday, more and more try to break boundaries,” says Francis about the mindset shaping Start-Up Chile. Read more about it HERE (August 13th)

Junar is mentioned as an example of a competitive software company providing data access in the cloud through the software-as-a-service model. Read more about Junar HERE on O´Reilly Radar (August 2nd)

Ignacio Sánchez, Rector at Pontifical Catholic University, commented on how he thinks science and technology can be improved in Chile. One of the things he comments on is the need to have international talent, and he mentions Start-Up Chile as an example of this. Read about it HERE (August 13th)

There is a story about Kimeltu at El Mercurio. Great to see supers who recently started their participation in the program already getting some attention from the press. learn more about Kimeltu HERE (August 13th)

Carlos Solorio, one of the founders at Arden Reed, wrote about “5 Creative Ways to Raise Money (Without Giving Up Equity)” at Under30CEO.  Sure it is a helpful reading!

Uniplaces is featured at Diario Financiero. The piece highlights Uniplaces abilities to help international students find a place to stay based on the universities they have already been accepted in. The piece also mentions Uniplaces recently received investment. Read more about it HERE (August 13th)

*Pic by  NS Newsflash on Flickr (cc)

Felipe Costabal was interviewed  about Start-Up Chile by Agora News, friends from Spain! We would love to have more suppers coming from Spain, so please help us spread the word about Start-Up Chile over there! Watch the video below