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LatAm Startups has open applications for the next bootcamp and three months softlanding program in Toronto. Our programs help companies with a working prototype to find the right path in Canada to grow global, getting local talent to improve their performance from the tech and business perspective.


LatAm Startups has a MoU with City of Toronto, as well our non-profit corporation is members of NACO (National Capital Angel Organization)—this organization supports Angels, incubators, and accelerators and represents over 40 networks comprised of over 3,000 Angel investors across Canada.

Startups interested in applying to our programs will find the details and criteria in the following links:

  • Scaleup Bootcamp Toronto. Ideal for tech companies looking for market validation, this bootcamp is for 10 days starting in September 17, 2018 finishing on September 28, 2018. Companies selected to participate in this program are potentially able to join the fourth cohort of startups under the three months softlanding program. For more information about this program please visit July 15, 2018
  • Softlanding program. The three months softlanding program has been designed for tech companies ready to take the next steps to scaleup globally. Companies selected for the fourth cohort will start with a bootcamp in September 17, 2018 and continue with the program until December 14, 2018. For more information about this program please visit July 15, 2018


About LatAm Startups. LatAm Startups is a non-profit corporation based in Toronto, Canada. We help startups to scale and we consider our programs a transitional space to connect startups with the right players in the ecosystem that will help them to grow to the next stage.

LatAm Startups selects companies to be part of the soflanding program or bootcamps depending of the stage of the company, we have launched LatAm Hub Toronto in September 2016 having a first cohort of startups being part of the three months softlanding program in April 2017.

Up to now LatAm Hub Toronto has received three cohorts of Latin American startups, have created three bootcamps with a participation of 21 companies all in total. Nine companies have been able to establish business in Canada, and some have been accepted into local programs run by incubators and accelerators as Ryerson, Helix and Launch Academy.

The last three cohorts had participants mainly from Brazil and Mexico, but also from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Technologies represented are between others IoT, AI, Green-tech, Clean-tech, Fintech and SaaS services.

To learn more about LatAm Startups please visit or