SUPLife: the Pitch Training sessions have a new leader. Do you want to join?


EXTRA! If you are not a Start-Up Chile participant but would like to polish your pitch with the suppers, here is the opportunity you were waiting for! We are opening 5 slots on our pitch training sessions! Non SUP participants who want to join must email us at indicating that they’d like to join our pitch training sessions. Please don´t forget to share what is your project about! This is a first-come, first-served opportunity: only 5 slots available!
Being great when its pitch time is probably one of the most important and “must have” skills for an entrepreneur. This not just about being great when in front of investors: being an entrepreneur, you’ll basically pitching all day. To investors, to customers, to the talented team you want to jump on your ship, to potential clients…
Suppers know how important it is to train themselves in order to have a great pitch. They have organized a weekly training session focused on their pitching skills only. Every Friday, at noon, we gather and share tips, watch and give feedback to eachother on our pitch.
And this week we have a new pitch trainer! Daniel Escudero, co-founder at KidBunch, who has now on his shoulder the responsibility to lead this important training sessions. We spent some time with Dan to talk about this challenge and what has he planned for the group.
¿Why did you decide to lead the pitch training sessions?
Our first pitch wasn’t bad, but needed even more hours of work, tweaks and practice. After our first pitch training sessions, we starting doing all of that, and started seeing the reaction of people when we pitched, and if you’re voted as the “best pitch” by your peers, you have to share that pseudo-knowledge with others.
There are key elements that every pitch should have, no matter if its long or short, and i think that during the last six months, my brother (Mat) and I have managed to figure them out (at least some of them). Also, the fact that I’m an designer / advertiser (used to presenting) and Mat’s a performing arts expert (Theatre, Rock Bands, Lollapalooza), should give us lots of help when it comes to pitches, being meticulous and expression.
¿How important should pitch training be for an entrepreneur?
From that first moment, when you have your idea of your project or startup in your head, you need to transform that into words, images, numbers and reasons. You MUST be able to communicate the idea to anyone, absolutely anyone! It`s a lot harder than you might think, and incredibly important! Your pitch needs to be by your side ALWAYS, it’s not just the startup description, it’s basicly who YOU ARE in front friends, family, investors, suppers and maybe the president!
It’s really hard to take time to practice and find people willing to listen to your pitch and give you feedback, so these short weekly sessions are something that every presenter should attend to.
¿Are you bringing something different to the table? ¿what is it?
The fact that Mat (bro & performing arts expert) will be helping a lot, helps us work on many things that he’s had to deal with for many years in theatre and stages like body expression, communication while pitching and story telling. From my part I consider myself a Design maniac, a great presenter and a passionate entrepreneur, so we’ll have loads of stuff to cover. We’re really looking forward to start as trainers! Hope to see the suppers every friday!