SUPBoat and Demo Day making quite a buzz!


Start-Up Chile´s SUPBoat is already traveling around the globe looking for the best entrepreneurs so they can learn about our program and apply! Make sure to check out SUPBoat´s stops, here. When SUPBoat stopped in Brazil and Portugal, the Ambassadors attended the Start-Up Chile meetups!

Its great to see that the press is catching up. Chilean, Brazilean, and LatAm focused great outlets are already sharing the great news that Start-Up Chile is ready to welcome another generation of 100 entrepreneurs. Bloomberg Magazine is keeping an eye on us as well, with quite some distance…for now 😉

Thomas Grandperrin, from Jogabo, is talking about Start-Up Chile to the French press. We hope many more French entrepreneurs apply to Start-Up Chile. If you are reading us from over there, make sure not to miss our #SUPBoat meetup in Paris

Pulso Social published its #PS10 awards, and KienVe reached the top! Agent Piggy also is among the winners, and got the public´s vote. Check them out, and congrats to the teams! The Uruguayan press is, as usual, keeping an eye on KienVe and following on their achievements. Read about them, HERE. 

FayerWayer realized that tickets for Start-Up Weekend are running out. If interested, get them right away! Universia is also catching up and inviting college students to attend. 

Demo Day is coming! and Pulso Social, as usual, has a quick but great post letting you know who´ll be on stage. Take a look! El Mercurio is also making sure no one misses Demo Day!

Also at El Mercurio, Mike Leatherbee published a piece exploring how working with great innovators can boost Chilean´s desire to innovate. Read about it, here!

Rebound Tech visited Nicolás Larraín at Radio Infinita for a great interview. Listen to their podcast!

Start-Up Chile´s SXSW experience keeps making headlines. Read about it at Estrategia and Pulso Social! Diario Emprendimiento is also talking about it.

Edoome got featured on national TV! Kuddos to an amazing team! Let´s hope their experience motivates more Chilean entrepreneurs to go global. Diario Estrategia is also sharing info about our application process!

Startup On Wheels visited Valdivia and gave great meetup talks at La Nube Coworking!

Suppers at Phage Technologies have their second product ready: Milkeeper is featured at Revista del Campo! 

Bowei Gai, from Startup World Report, visited Chile and Pulso Social published about it! La Tercera interviewed Bowei for a longer piece, where he shares how surprised he is to see a government and a whole country so committed to entrepreneurship. Read that piece, here!

Startup On Weels is traveling along the country inspiring Chilean students to become entrepreneurs. Of course that won´t go unnoticed! Read about it!

Start-Up Chile alumni Dennis Todirica is on Forbes Romania´s cover! We absolutely love that Glazeon keeps growing!

Pic by  Binuri Ranasinghe on Flickr (cc)