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For the past 3 years since it’s launch, Teamscope focused mainly on low to middle-income countries with the aim of enabling medical researchers in these areas to conduct clinical research by using their smartphones. Following success in Africa and South American regions, Teamscope has now expanded its operations to offer its unique approach to mobile data collection throughout Europe. Our work in low-resource settings is also expanding rapidly. Even international partners like the PharmAccess Foundation continue to extend their work conveniently to more African countries using the Teamscope mobile App.

As of the second quarter of 2018, Teamscope is proud to announce its presence in Europe! With its first users in the UK and Sweden, Teamscope strives to expand its coverage to all the 50 countries in Europe. This is an exciting time for medical researchers all over Europe as their data management process is about to get better than before!

Why now?
Teamscope is a fully self-service iOS and Android application for research data collection. Researchers can build their data collection forms and customize them with skip logic, calculations, and field validation. Teamscope is specifically designed for patient data collection, offering robust security and compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

According to founder and CEO Diego Menchaca “web-based, electronic data capture solutions had their surge in the late 90s and 2000s. Many of these vendors still don’t have mobile applications for offline or on-the-go data collection. The frustration from slow and outdated interfaces plus web-only data entry is causing a shift back to Excel and paper data collection.”

How is Teamscope compliant?
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an ethical and scientific quality standard for designing and conducting clinical research that involves human subjects. Teamscope fully complies with GCP through a set of compliance-specific features.

Researchers on Teamscope may view an audit trail of all changes to research data, this allows them to maintain full accountability of their teams. Permissions-based access management ensures that research data cannot be accessed by unauthorized people thus, preventing data exposure and manipulation. Finally, through robust data encryption, Teamscope offers secure and scalable cloud storage of research data.

What’s next?
We will continue to increase the capability of our application, scale up to medical researchers all over Europe and get ready for fundraising activities for 2019.
Our support for medical research in low-resource settings will continue.

About Teamscope
Teamscope is an easy-to-use and secure mobile platform for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) in clinical research. Teamscope is backed by Rockstart Accelerator and has its headquarters in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and it was part of #SeedG9 of Start-Up Chile.