SUPalumni | 100 Days of Games for Growth: Week 5 highlights


Inspired by the book 100 Days of Growth, Plinq is using games in 100 different ways to grow their business. Find out more about the 100 Days of Games for Growth campaign here.

Here are the highlights from week 5.

20 Days, 20 tips. The first month of Games for Growth roundup

In this ‘post’, Plinq summarizes what they did in the first 20 days of 100 Days of Games for Growth. 

Tip #21 The Progress Bar

Putting a progress bar on your website is a great way to incentivize visitors (or customers) to complete certain actions. Progress bars are a form of gamification. Gamification is adding game aspects — competition, ranking lists, scoring systems, and incentives — to something that’s not a game. However, gamification strips away the fun and emotion, which is what make games so effective in influencing peoples behavior.

In the blog post ‘’How points, leaderboards, and badges change the way players play’’, Plinq explains how these support features (often used to gamify non-games) affect the way people play games. 

Tip #19 The Industry Influencer Blog Post

Influencers are a great source of information for what’s going on in your industry. One way to get more exposure for your blog posts, is to form relationships with influecners. A good way to start is by doing a round up of influencer posts and publishing it on your blog.

To implement this tip, Plinq wrote a ‘roundup’ of advergame and gamification articles that have made it into the news. Advergames are still a fairly underutilized resource and there aren’t actually many industry influencers, but there are a lot of people talking about games and their effect on marketing.

Tip #23 The Live Chat

Basing decisions on customer insight rather than assumptions is a key to success for startups. To implement tip #23, Plinq integrated live chat in their website to allow them to more easily have conversations with their customers.

If you have any questions for Plinq, you can chat to them on their ‘website’.

Tip #24 The Tell Your Story, Sell More Products Method

Stories are a powerful tool in business. Brand stories are an opportunity to tell people why you do what you do, and to connect with your audience on a human level .

In this ‘video’, Jonathan Bailey (co-founder of Plinq), tells his story of why Plinq made it their mission to rid the world of online ads, by giving people an option to play games instead.