SUPalumni | 100 Days of Games for Growth: Week 4 highlights


Inspired by the book 100 Days of Growth, Plinq is using games in 100 different ways to grow their business. Find out more about the 100 Days of Games for Growth campaign here.

Here are the highlights from week 4.

Tip #16 The Editorial & Social Calendar Strategy

Implementing an editorial and social calendar strategy brings consistency to your posting, helps you save time and forces you to think about what content will be interesting to your customers.

Plinq used their Godzilla blog post ‘Avoid these 50 mistakes when you make an advergame’, as the foundation of their content and scheduled 50 tweets (a tweet for each mistake) over 10 weeks. They used HubSpot to implement their social media calendar.

To read the tweets, you can follow them on Twitter: @PlinqGameAgency

Tip #84 The Conversion-Driven About Page.

Tip #84 is to create an About page that converts prospects.

Plinq gave their About page a revamp by making their messaging more targeted to their prospects, including more powerful social proof statements and adding a bio for each of their founders. They already had a Call to Action (which is essential to be able to convert).

Check out their revamped About page here.

Tip #98 The Industry Report

To implement Tip #98, Plinq created an industry report with the latest statistics of people that play mobile games. Download Mobile Game Demographics 2019 (it’s free!).

Tip #27 The Free Ebook / Resource

Creating a free ebook is great way to build credibility as an expert and to capture more leads. To implement this tip, Plinq updated and improved their ebook ‘The Power of Advergames’.

Plinq also received several requests from universities to use their ebook as a resource in their course material, showing it’s use already extends beyond sales.

You can download ‘The Power of Advergames’ ebook here.

Tip #18 The Trigger-Based Customer Email Series

The Trigger-Based Customer Email Series is used to nurture leads and strengthen relationships with clients.

Plinq’s existing email series is triggered when a visitor downloads ‘The Power of Advergames’ ebook. For Tip #18 they improved their trigger-based email series by rewriting headings, beefing up the content, and including newer resources.