SUPalumni | 100 Days of Games for Growth: Week 3 highlights


Inspired by the book 100 Days of Growth, Plinq is using games in 100 different ways to grow their business. Find out more about the 100 Days of Games for Growth campaign here.

Here are the highlights from week 3.

Tip #11 The “Get Right To The Point” Landing Page

Plinq implemented a ‘get right to the point’ landing page that only included their offer and a call to action. They also set up an A/B test to test it against their current home page.

Tip #12 The Lean Social Branding Design Technique

Tip # 12 is to create consistent brand graphics for your social media accounts. Social branding is one way to extend your brand, a magical advergame is another.  

However, advergames are typically dull because they focus on promoting a product and not on delighting players. There are some brands (for example Coca-Cola and Air France) who have created magical experiences using a game. The results speak for themselves, so why don’t businesses invest more in making games that provide players real value?

If you want to learn how to build magic around your brand, read this post.

Tip #13 The Screencast Product Demo

Games are great vehicles for promotions that use prizes. Games increase participation, prize redemption’s and positive feedback. To implement Tip #13, Plinq did a screencast that shows how their game works behind the scenes to setup and manage prizes.

Watch the screencast here:

Tip #79 The Better Email Signature Hack

To implement this tip, Plinq designed new email signatures and started to use them.

Tip #14 The Promotion-Driven Godzilla Blog Post

The Promotion-Driven Godzilla Blog Post is usually 2,000 words or more and is packed full of tips, resources, and other useful information.

At Plinq they’ve had dozens of discussions with clients whose first instincts would lead them to make some common mistakes that would doom their project. So, they compiled this list of the 50 mistakes to avoid when you commission an advergame for your company.

If you’ve ever thought about making an advergame, this post is for you.