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StarTAU in partnership with more than 30 key players from the Israeli start-up ecosystem announces an open call for applications for the TLV Global Launchpad program


Following the ongoing request from Tel Aviv university International partners, StarTAU Entrepreneurship center is announcing the open call for applications for TLV Global Launchpad – a prestigious program that will select 10 teams of global startups/ entrepreneurs for a one-month program designed to immerse international startups and entrepreneurs into the Israeli ecosystem as well as enjoy the vast connections and the “Know How” of STARTAU and it’s community.

This esteemed program will be held by StarTau in partnership with key players from

the Israeli start-up ecosystem: Vc’s, Corporates, Incubators, Accelerators, Universities, Global R&D’S  and Innovation centers.

Only second behind Silicon Valley in producing startups, Israel has the highest density of startups in the world. When one startup fails, there are two that are created to take its place. This kind of environment encourages tenacity and gutsy ideas because of the volume of startups being created. This type of ecosystem allows for people to make ideas that won’t otherwise be created due to fear of failing. One of the reasons for this exponential growth can be attributed to Israel’s government. The government provides enormous opportunities mainly by helping generate money. This growth sparked the need for entrepreneurs and leaders alike from around the world to travel to Israel in hopes of learning and understanding the ecosystem that fosters these startups.

The TLV Launchpad will give access to individuals looking to learn more about Israel’s process of doing entrepreneurship as well as enabling the selected startups access to an abundance of knowledge such as working methodologies, and leadership and global mindsets. This will be achieved by working with Israel’s top-entrepreneurs, visiting top accelerators, meeting with potential investors, broadcasting their startup in Israel’s biggest innovation event (TAU-Innovation), and competing in the TLV Startups Challenge.

Israel houses three universities, Tel Aviv University, Technion, and Hebrew University, that are all ranked in the top 50 list of universities that have the most VC backed entrepreneurs. Tel Aviv University is among the top 10 undergraduate universities who produced some of the most successful startups of the past 10 years.