StudioSnaps: A Picture Perfect Partnership

Chilean Scene

In February, George Cadena, founder of AeternaSol and current Start-Up Chile participant, had a logistics problem: he needed help managing and controlling a pair of photo booths for a runway fashion show in Viña del Mar.  Noting a drastic photo booth deficit in Chile upon his arrival, he created StudioSnaps along with Jesse Davis, cofounder of Entrustet– the business was booming and they were having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Enter Juan Pablo Salas. He’s a music graduate and an advertising student who had done freelance Marketing for 3+ years while organizing events and marketing campaigns. He was George’s saving grace on the night of the fashion show, marking the first time the pair worked together.

After collaborating with George and Jesse for nearly three weeks, he was offered a position in the happenchance startup as the Marketing Manager. They’re now business partners.

“It just made sense. After working with him, we realized that he is more of a partner than an employee. He’s been amazing. Not only he has been instrumental to the marketing campaign, he is a dynamo on the sales floor. He’s a natural and a great team player,” Cadena says.

Since Juan Pablo joined the team, they’ve booked several events, including landing a gig at the Lollapalooza Chile VIP lounge. “It was a complete success, greatly surpassing the company’s expectations. We constructed a really attractive stand and it was one of the most visited. It also allowed the final users to automatically upload the picture to Facebook and a lot of them used it. It was a great way to create an emotional link between the user and the company,” Salas explains.

Since Lollapalooza, StudioSnaps has participated in several events and is currently sealing deals with local nightclubs wanting to purchase their own photo booths, while working on new projects and campaigns.

“The experience so far with the company has been amazing. My partners here are incredibly talented entrepreneurs, developers, and PhDs. The possibility to get to learn what they know and to share my knowledge with them has been a really powerful experience. And the business is doing well, so it has been great.”

Juan Pablo Salas