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Guillermo Horno and Adrian Fischer met a couple of years back when Adrian, an American living in Mendoza, Argentina, hired Guillermo, a native of Argentina, to create a website for a startup he was working on. From then on, they remained associates and eventually put their resources together to create– a platform to help landlords collect rent payments and administer properties as easily as possible, giving their renters the option to pay their rent conveniently with the rest of their monthly expenses.

The idea came about due to Guillermo’s landlord’s irritating tendency to arrive, without notice, in the wee hours of the night to collect the monthly rent. So, they decided, why not change the whole system? As a result, the created which provides the possibility to pay your rent and utilities via the internet, in supermarkets, or in retail stores using a personalized card that identifies you as the renter. They’ve designed a system using ideas and technology that have proven to make the auto-administration of properties and collection of payments far more simple which has been especially groundbreaking for Argentina, a country characteristically known for it’s high level of red tape.

Currently, the platform is functioning in Argentina and they plan to launch it in Chile within the next couple of months.