Zhipcode is an application of “express messaging” that connects consumers, independent messengers (ZhipEmprendedores) and stores as fast as possible. At Zhipcode we are passionate about 3 ideas: first to help our customers simplify their life with the useful services provided by our ZhipEmprendedores; The second is to transform students and members of the middle / lower class of the population into ZhipEmprendedores uncovering the opportunity to have access to independent work with stable income and access to training courses in the art of sales and quality; And the third is to help local businesses deliver products to their customers fast, secure and with GPS tracking in real time. We seek the cities where we operate to be are smarter, greener, less congested and safer. Our business model is transactional. We charge fees equivalent to 20% of the ZhipEmprendedor rate and our entire billing and payment system is electronic. We have developed technological tools observing the specific needs of customers linked to each of our business segments. For our private clients and companies we develop a web and mobile application that serves to contract traditional services of messaging and charges. For our customers eCommerce we developed an API that links both websites and activates an “express delivery” button in the checkout of the web site of our eCommerce clients. For our customers Corner Shops and SMEs we developed a “bulk loading” tool to make urban “express multi-deliveries”. For our customers Sellers Mercadolibre we develop “zhipcode deliveries” that allows the seller to send to the buyer a hyperlink by email so that he pays online the price of an express delivery with his credit card via Mercadopago. And for our Restaurants customers we develop a web application with dashboard that is accompanied with a guard system that allows them to hire our ZhipEmprendedores whenever they need them. At Zhipcode we work to make things travel to people and not vice versa; And we are committed to the idea of ​​providing a service with a level of quality never seen in Chile. Zhipcode is an alumnus of Wayra and Startup Chile.


Marcel Imery CEO; Pedro Piñango CTO; Alejandro Rojas CFO; y Annabella Muller Community Manager.