WizEngage completely revolutionizes the way brands use digital displays like LED, LCD screens for advertising, marketing & branding.

WizEngage is a cloud based software to be used along with the existing set-up of the (physical) digital displays around the world. WizEngage can be used by Brands, Agencies and Advertisers in locations such as Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Pubs, Salons, Malls, Sporting Venues, Private or Public Places, Events and other Advertising avenues so that they can affect effective branding, marketing, advertising, generate leads for their business and thus increase overall sales.

The key features of WizEngage that enables it’s customer’s the above benefits are; Content Collation, Curation & Generation along with Managing, Publishing and Displaying their own content on various digital displays. This content could be in the form of Videos, Presentations, Images, Animations or video Streaming (live or offline) and other Advertising/Marketing Content.


Vishwanath Gurlhosur

Vishal Ghabak