Hi folks,

We’re usheru and we’re here to give you the big picture. Literally. We are a cinema app that makes it easy-peasy for you to discover and book cinema tickets in your city. We’re talking lemon-squeezy here. Our app allows you to book your flicks in 3 clicks! But before we get all Dr. Seuss on ya, how abouts we give you a broader scope of what we’re all about.

At usheru we pride ourselves on giving our users the best possible cinema experience. We believe in the magic of cinema and it’s power to elicit a communal elation among audiences. This act of spectatorship cannot be replicated on your television, laptop or phone. However, it is with this latter tool that we use to help you secure this experience.

Our gang (non-violent) of cinephiles, film professionals tech whizzes decided we wanted to create a better and more modern way to promote cinema. We sat down with cinema owners, filmmakers and the suits in order to really understand the market. But most importantly we listened to you, the audience. Without your feedback and support we’d probably be sleeping in cinemas rather than promoting them.

We work around the clock researching our data in order to get a better understanding of what our users want and cater to your personal film taste. We look out for offers, cool film events and film festivals that you are interested in and let you know when, where and how much. Essentially, you have all your rotten cinema information in one basket, operation is… download the basket.

Usheru launched in London in April 2015 and since then we have gone live in Dublin.


Andrés Macías

Catherine Downes

Oliver Fegan