Telly (powered by Appscend)

We are providing a better engagement tool for broadcasters to better engage the audiences. Is first of it’s kind, a player vs player game solution based on TV content, played between social network friends. In the case of brand engagement and TV content, the app users can virtually interact with the brand and TV content with the help of this gamification feature. The game is based on social networks too, you can play with your social networks friends if you hook your account with the app. The game is really easy to play, you invite your friend to play and if he/she accepts, a quiz game starts. The game is in real-time and based on TV content and the content of the quiz game can be moderated from a dashboard.
Beside the PvP game, producers can trigger different types of polls, votes, quizzes in real-time and receive the feedback in the same matter.
This solution can be used by brands and TV networks, or broadcasters to better engage with their audience.


Alex Cercel

Sebastian Vaduva

Gabriel Dobocan

Andrei Marinescu