TaskCrusher is an Integrated App into your native Project Management Software system that allows companies to be provided with, assign, and manage Freelancers. Because we are integrated into your native PMS’s, you don’t need to change what you already do, we seamlessly sit within your project workflow.

But we are not stopping there.

Additionally, companies who currently hire Freelancers via Freelancer Marketplaces have to post every single task and get a Freelancer for every single task. This is inefficient, and for complex projects, super difficult to knit together the input to one task into the output of another so that the Freelancers´ work aggregates into a completed project. TaskCrusher allows you to post your project once, it´s sent to the best in-class Freelancer Marketplaces and Agencies, who provide their best fits, allowing you to effectively ‘’drag and drop’’ their resources into your PMS.

Additionally, it is the recruitment of Talent that companies need now and in the near future. But how do companies know that the Freelancer they find has the smarts? We will therefore, through strategic partnerships, provide fully vetted Freelancers. This will give assurance to the companies that they are employing Talent and allow the Freelancers, who have the best skills, expertise, knowledge and know-how to win the best projects.

Through a further strategic partnership, we will also provide companies with all the required legal documentation to keep companies on the right side of employment law and the IRS. This is something the courts are seeing more litigation on, and we will keep companies on the right track.


Paul Rae & Gaston Viau