What is a 360° Loyalty Program?
A 360° loyalty program is the one that allows not only to stimulate consumption but all the roles in which customers generate value to their favorite brands: As consumer, ambassador, replicator, participant and feedbacker. By this way you build a community of highly profitable and stable customers over the time.

With Superlikers you can also launch the most exciting campaigns
and strategies with gamification and connected with Social Networks.

What is Gamification?
It is the art of make exciting and addictive your loyalty program by incorporating elements that encourage the public to participate, play, consume and win. Show them what position they occupy in your ranking of customers, invite them to accept your challenges in your social networks or on your website, reward them by friends that they bring to you and encourage them to exceed the levels of your program and you will see how you build the best customer community you’ve ever had.


Luis Alberto Del Castillo