Stellup is a crowdfunding and engagement platform for schools and universities, currently available on both apps (iOS/Android) and Web.
We offer two pricing models: a subscription model or one that is based on results. In the first case, we charge a monthly payment plus a small fee to process payments, while in the latter we only charge a fee of 5% (plus payment fees) on successful transactions.
Stellup gives schools an admin platform to create campaigns, see contributors’ data or their registered members. The admin platform lets schools prepare and publish the campaign, accessible through a smart URL link that recognises the device from which users open it and redirect them. Within few minutes and with a free option to start, a school can enable its own branded campaign pages on both native apps and web.
Anyone can contribute to school’s campaign on both apps and web, without the need of creating an account. It takes 3 easy steps to contribute and to give the best experience, we support Apple Pay and Android Pay for fast and reliable one-tap payments on mobile. Soon we plan for anyone from a school (e.g. alumni, student or teacher) to submit a campaign, that schools must review before going live.
Moreover, we use Stripe as our payment provider, which lets schools in selected countries receive money directly for each transaction, and supports the majority of credit and debit cards globally.
Our major added value is that we help school open new channels of fundraising via branded web pages and native mobile apps with engagement features.
Indeed, Stellup is social by letting registered users connect with people and campaigns from the schools they have attended. Our apps in particular, by using geolocalization, make smarter intros between school members, who can meet and chat directly.
This is a great feature for alumni and students to be more engaged, so that they do not merely see the app has a crowdfunding tool, but a way to stay connected with their schools’ network.
For schools, our platform has great advantages, as they do not have to invest in pricey alumni networking apps and can offer this service for free to their community.
Our vision is to connect schools and alumni closer together to bring any educational life project to life, and hence making education more affordable worldwide.


Giuseppe Belpiede

Vincenzo Belpiede

Milos Pesic