SimpliRoute ( is the route optimization revolution. Thanks to our cutting-edge route algorithms engine you can reduce your logistics costs, improve customers satisfaction and boost your last mile logistics performance from zero to world-class Fedex-UPS standards, starting at $40 per vehicle/month.

We are democratizing logistics intelligence, so anybody can work better without a R&D department figuring out how to reduce their gas bill or CO2 emissions. Be ready to start innovating in new delivery experiences and leave the complexity to us.

SimpliRoute consists on a set of intuitive interfaces, where our users can define traffic conditions, time windows, truck’s load and more, and get each driver’s optimal routes. The routes will be loaded on each driver’s mobile app, allowing you and your customer to get real-time notifications from any delivery. You can integrate our SimpliRoute API with your systems and turbo-boost your whole logistic’s process.


Alvaro Echeverria and Eyal Shats