Ruvix is a service which helps people make better financial decisions. Our service combines a dedicated financial planner with innovative technology to help make financial planning affordable and accessible.
By evaluating our customer’s current financial situation, we provide them with a personalized and actionable financial plan. The plan provides recommendations on portfolio optimization, debt consolidation, tax optimization, and retirement planning.
Combining data provided manually by the customer, and data gathered with customer authorization from other sources like bank account statements, investment accounts, etc. the system is able to create a Wellness Score. This gives us a quick and objective overview of the customer’s financial situation.
By using state of the art algorithms Ruvix allows users to get actionable financial advice at a reasonable price. We want to make financial advice as accessible and easy to get as buying a subscription to the gym. A Ruvix plan starts at $14.990 CLP per month, which is cheaper than most gym subscriptions.
Our primary model is designed for the everyday individual who is looking to organize his or her finances while also achieving his or her financial goals. Our technology can also be leveraged by banks and financial institutions to improve the services they currently offer their customers with a more comprehensive and personalized approach.
We want to make financial advice accessible to everyone and help people achieve their financial goals.


Juan M Lopez Sergio Tricio