RockHeine – Your home in your hands

RockHeine is a technology company focused in home automation and internet of things (IoT). We are building an innovative product that consists in a central HUB and an smartphone app that will take home automation to another level.

RockHeine will put your home in your hands! Our products will turn your house smarter, connected, learning your patterns and interacting with you, to help you save time, energy and even money.

Our central hub receives information from your smartphone or tablet and transmits to smart modules that enable you to have the total control and management of your lights, infrared devices, energy waste and security system all of that into a one simple app. We made then super easy to install, they are plug and play and there is no wires!

Our products will transform your house into a smart home at a low cost, without construction, no wires and no headache.

So why do not you visit us right now? To know more how we can help you put your home in your hands!


Eduardo Mucci & Raphael Bazan