Phage Technologies S.A

Phage Technologies has created and developed a platform from discovery to industrial production of new antibacterial compounds based on bacteriophages. These compounds are microscopic bacterial viruses able to infect specifically targeted bacteria. This allows to selectively eliminate pathogenic bacterias that decrease productivity in the livestock industry. Phage Technologies products can be considered as substitutes to traditional antibiotics. Milkeeper S is its first product and is sold as a milk additive for calves that prevents Escherichia coli and Salmonella infections during rearing. These bacteria can produce 15% of mortality and 85% of them present antibiotic resistance. Milkeeper S can control those infections reducing mortality to 2%, increasing the animal weight by 10% and reducing 70% of the antibiotic consumption, without inducing resistance, during rearing.


Diego Belmar

Nicolás Ferreira

Hans Pieringer