PACTANDA helps solve conflicts and disputes, getting to better and faster collaborative agreements.

Our agreement-oriented algorithm combines technology, mathematics and psychology to help conflicting parties optimize both the agreement quality and the process satisfaction.

The traditional customer service channels add no value to the resolution process, meaning: wasted time and money, attrition, stress, brand-trust lost, impossibility to bring satisfaction to the client, social media noise.

PACTANDA brings a nice environment, even fun, that eases and speeds better agreements, seizing the contact to transform and strenghten the links.

Our algorithm profiles users preferences, helping their decision process. And our rating system gets better feedback from the users, feeding a ranking that let everyone stand out for their bias towards collaboration.

PACTANDA is a perfect for every industry: ecommerce, banks, telcos, etc.


Gabriela Szlak

Mark Ramondt

Pablo Milrud