Omnia is a Workforce Optimization solution that allows companies set the most efficient work schedules based on projected demand by engaging their employees in the process, thus increasing their satisfaction while ensuring the employer always has the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.

Companies that rely on efficient staffing to provide good service have a really hard time getting this right – demand changes constantly (e.g. weekends, holidays, seasonal spikes) and employees scheduling changes a lot too, due to shift trades, vacations, unplanned absences and turnover. It’s very challenging to adapt quick enough, and a real pain to track and keep everyone updated on all these changes. Some of their lines of business might be overstaffed, leading to unnecessary labor costs, or understaffed, affecting service delivery and even costing sales.
Omnia allows companies to see the gaps in their staffing for each branch or line of business based on projected demand. Employees can sign up for open slots and earn points they can later exchange for benefits, and business rules can be set to automatically approve or deny their vacations and shift trades requests, offer time off or collect overtime hours if service levels are at risk. The company dynamically adjusts its staffing to demand by engaging employees, achieving better results with a lot less effort from managers and administrators, saving both time and money. Additionally, their self-help portal allows employees to trade schedules with their peers, see requests status, schedules and metrics; Managers have visibility of all their teams’ planned activities, communicate through a chat and create requests. This ensures everyone is kept posted on changes in programming in real time.


Javier Colombo

Martín Uriarte