This is an innovative approach to pulling resources among many participants in order to open and benefit from the entire audiobook and digital downloads entertainment industry throughout Latin America.
In order to promote audiobook’s production in Spanish it is necessary for the potential producers and re-sellers to have a medium to reach the public to sell the product. Such a medium does not exist yet in Latin America and MundoHablado’s rental platform comes to fill that void.
By availing themselves of a cost effective way to open an e-commerce storefront, offer apps to listen to the content on mobile devices protected from piracy, have all payments processed, receive customer care services and marketing support through the platform, it becomes possible for small to medium sized publishers/production houses/ recording studios/authors to enter into the digital sales market in Latin America.
The Central Catalog feature on the platform allows for an exponential increase in market penetration when all participants can share content to offer to their specific audiences. Also, the platform allows for the incorporation of high traffic re-sellers (such as transportation companies/bookstores/gyms/department stores) who do not contribute to the content catalog but simple serve as additional points of sale for the digital downloads.
Both Producers as well as Re-sellers receive high royaties and commissions for their sales.


Maria del Carmen Siccardi