Livn Smart Irrigation Services

We believe technology should make people’s lives easier, and people’s lives start at home. It is here where we share with our families and recharge our batteries, and gardens play an important role at it. Actual irrigation systems are so complicated and frustrating to set and use, people just give up on them, using these as mere timers so they don’t waste their free time at solving simple yet hard to tackle garden issues.
But this doesn’t come for free: these timers irrigate at times they shouldn’t (when raining, or windy, or simply not required) and some areas either don’t get enough water, or receive way more than need, either causing ugly dry patches of grass, or other problems, which in turn make the garden look bad and less enjoyable.
That is why we created Livn: a Virtual Gardener service that manages your garden’s irrigation automatically, using local weather forecast and soil information, and making your garden look healthier and beautiful, so that you can better enjoy your time at home instead of struggling with your irrigation. This also helps saving as much as 60% water, cutting your bill whilst helping the environment.
Livn’s virtual gardener uses an irrigation controller connected to the internet, and it is easily accessible though or mobile apps from any part in the world.


Hurtado Juan