Kidint is a Chilean-Brazilian company settled on May 2015 with offices in Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kidint aims at becoming the Netflix of digital books for children. It offers a digital library that works in iOS, Android devices and personal computers. It currently offers over 600 interactive books narrated in English, Spanish and Portuguese, all of them copyrighted by Kidint what makes it the first 100% digital publisher of books for children in Latin America. Our books include small challenges for the children that promote their reading comprehension, math-reasoning skills, visual-spatial skills and musicality based on the Multiple Intelligences theory by Dr. Howard Gardner. Kidint offers parents a real-time dashboard with weekly statistics on read titles, answered questions, activities performed, among other data of interest. Parents also receive via email reports on specific books read along with a brief description as well as suggested activities to do with their children in connection with the books read recently. Parents or children can even become narrators or characters in the stories by using the voice recording function. Thus, children can fall asleep with a nice story hearing mom or dad even when they are not home. As a result, parents and children can feel more connected to each other creating a stronger parent-child bond. We realize today’s world is full of busy parents and we want to help them to stay more connected with their children. Learning how to read and developing basic intellectual skills are extremely important during the very first years of a child. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets by small children all over the world enables us to make Kidint a fast-growing edutainment platform that promotes pre-school education in Latin America and the world. Kidint is available on the App Store and Google Play via subscription.

Upon requests by schools, in October 2016 a version of Kidint tailored for schools called Kidint School has been released after successful pilots carried out in Santiago de Chile. Kidint School includes activities, dashboards and reports especially designed for educators. By partnering with quality publishers and distributors of didactic material in Chile and Brazil we are planning to enter in the school market of both countries from 2017. Kidint school will be commercialized to schools via a user license.

To achieve our goals we count on our very skilled multi-national team of engineers, educators, psychologists, musicians and designers. Technology-wise our platform has been developed with very modern Web, database, data-processing and mobile technologies so it has been designed to scale. Our founder and CEO is Luis Loyola, Chilean technologist and entrepreneur who spent more than 10 years in Japan and Europe, and has always been very active on technology and education areas in Japan and Latin America. Teppei Sakano, board member and business advisor, is a serial entrepreneur from Japan with a vast experience on education and health sectors as well as video industry. Bruno Sanovicz, chief marketing officer, is a young Brazilian entrepreneur who always has been a fan of technology applied to education and sports.


Luis Loyola