The Kedzoh mobile learning platform provides for quick and easy creation & sharing of mini-lessons + quality curated content for anytime/anywhere learning even with no internet access.

Kedzoh is a 100% mobile solution that lets managers quickly and easily create and share lessons that include video, audio, text, pictures, and quizzes – no complex installation, manual, nor training required. They can then view learning reports to track performance. Learners can learn on-the-go on their mobile phone using the native Google and iOS application anytime and anywhere, even without internet. This is a unique product that solves multiple pain points in on-the-go training for both trainers and learners.

Plus, now introducing curated bite-sized pieces of knowledge. Typical courses have from 12 to 36 mini-lessons of 3 to 5 minutes each on such topics as: working in teams, managing people, effective customer service, English, computer programming and nursing. Perfect for on-the-go learning, refreshers and certifications.

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Patrick Kedziora

Founder & CEO; Roman Tolmachev Co-Founder & CTO