No one wants to feel like the adventurer in a bunch of pool slackers, or the sleepy chiller when it comes to the early morning surf session.

It is important who you travel with – Find the people who travel just the way you do!

HaveMoreWanderlust is an online platform that features inspiring people and their individual travel concepts, to give others the possibility to join and experience a unique adventure with people who share the same lifestyle.

we match travelers and trip hosts based on who they are, how they live and what kind of activities they like.

Trip hosts are featured on the platform with an Interview and their trip. Travelers can apply on a trip and the host will select if he wants to travel with that person.

Commercial providers of holiday trips cannot reach maximum possible consumer satisfaction. In contrast a private person planning a travel experience for a group of friends will be very keen to bring together like-minded people in appropriate style and spaces for highly individual experiences and activities. Most commercial travel concepts don’t include the possibilities that modern technologies and the sharing economy could offer to reach the best and sophisticated travel experience, with people who share your lifestyle.

HaveMoreWanderlust enables organizers of individual holiday trips to find co-travellers that match their lifestyle while sharing costs. Our company aims to make great holiday experiences affordable by sharing costs within a group. Trips can be organized from all kind of people e.g. an ambitious sportsperson, families, solo travelling moms, digital nomads, culinary or health freaks or pure relaxation seekers.

It’s an air bnb for group travels settled in between commercial and all-private. Assumed you are a social person and want to make friends: Why would you prefer staying in hotels– not knowing what kind of people are staying there – when you could join cool people in an awesome space?


Daniella Zimmermann

Killa Schuetze